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Roof Cleaning Basics

Ever wondered about those pesky streaks on your roof? Those black streaks on your roof are an algae called “gloeocapsa magma.” At The Clear Difference, we are able to safely and efficiently kill this algae, to ensure it won’t come back for 5-10 years.

Here are a few benefits of cleaning your roof:

1) Increases the Life of Your Roof 

Algae and mold that go untreated for years are common causes for roof damage. They can lead to costly leaks that eventually will need to be repaired, or the roof will need to be completely replaced. Our roof cleaning service effectively kills all algae and mold that are growing on your roof. Therefore, a simple roof washing can easily add 5-10 years to the lifespan of your roof.

2) Improves Your Curbside Appeal

There are not many things that take away the curbside appeal of your home more than a dirty, stained roof. Our simple roof cleaning can dramatically brighten the overall appearance of your home. You might have even forgotten the true color of your roof, as roofs can lose their true color over the years.

3) The Fraction of the Cost of A New Roof

As I’m sure you know, your roof is one of the most expensive parts of being a home-owner. Many homeowners don’t even realize that roofs can effectively be cleaned at all. We often see and hear about homeowners replacing roofs when a simple roof cleaning was all that was truly needed. Don’t make this costly mistake! A new roof may cost $6-10k, while our roof cleaning typically falls between $500-$1,000.

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  • Estimated Time: Roughly 2-3 hours for an average roof
  • Estimated Manpower: 2 professionally dressed men. One will be spraying our solution on the roof, while the other will be managing the hose and keeping all nearby vegetation wet.
  • Method: We either prop a ladder (using a stabilizer) or walk on your roof, depending on the slope. We then spray our solution on, let it dwell, and rinse it off. We repeat if necessary.
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What to Expect From Our Roof Cleaning Service in Auburn, AL

There’s a lot that goes into a successful roof cleaning. It’s all about using the right solution and making sure all nearby vegetation is effectively protected throughout the process.

To make sure your landscape isn’t effected, we take extreme caution by controlling overspray, bagging your gutters, and making sure all vegetation is wet before, during, and after our service. The constant water ensures that our solution doesn’t do any damage to your plants. As they say, “dilution is the best solution.”


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