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Professional Exterior Cleaning – Auburn, AL

It’s important for apartment complexes to maintain their curbside appeal to continue to attract tenants. Stained roofs & disgusting windows deter potential tenants, while clean roofs and clear windows allow you to justify higher rents.

There is one problem that we at The Clear Difference are trying to solve for apartment complexes: having to research, meet, and make contracts for each individual service needed. For example, having a pressure washer, a window cleaner, a roof cleaner, a soft washer, and a gutter cleaner can be time consuming and overwhelming.

At The Clear Difference, we can handle all of your exterior cleaning needs. All you will need is a landscaper, a repairman, and us. Worth noting again: we can handle everything except landscaping and repairs.

What To Expect When You Hire The Clear Difference

  1. A professional quote with individual prices for all of our services.
  2. We sign and send you all necessary paperwork, contracts, and waivers.
  3. Our professional team shows up on time and performs above-and-beyond service.
  4. An invoice is timely sent over.

Areas That We Clean


Clean windows make a huge difference for tenants. You don’t want them to look out their windows and only see spiderwebs, dirt, and grime. Our window cleaning service uses pure water, abrasive attachments, and long poles to ensure the windows come out debris-free AND streak-free.

Our window cleaning technique, as opposed to traditional window cleaners, cleans all frames and sills, not just the glass.

As you probably know, windows are crazy expensive to replace. Windows that aren’t cleaned are going to last far less years than ones that are annually cleaned. Our professional window cleaning will ensure that your expensive-to-replace windows last as long as possible. Another benefit is that our service hardly ever utilizes ladders, therefore reducing the possibility of damage to your apartment complex.

If your complex has screens, we will ask that you ensure the tenants remove the screens beforehand. That way, we can thoroughly clean all of the glass. If agreed upon in our contract, we will gladly clean all screens before returning them back to the tenants.

Our window cleaning service is offered on complexes up to 6 stories. Our poles alone can effectively clean up to 3 stories. For stories 4-6, we will utilize bucket trucks and/or scissor lifts.

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Roof Cleaning Washing Shampoo Auburn Alabama


Roofs are easily the most expensive repairs/replacements that apartment complexes have to deal with. A HUGE mistake that we see far too often? Replacing a roof that still had 10 years of life left. Lots of stains and debris make people think that roofs are near their end. However, a professional roof cleaning can restore roofs and save you an incredible amount of money. One of the most costly mistakes is replacing a roof, when a roof CLEANING would have been just as good at a fraction of the price.

Our process is simple: we spray a layer of our roof cleaning mix using extremely low pressure (as to not damage the roof). We then let it dwell and rinse it off. This process is repeated if necessary. The solutions remove all stains and leave a roof that looks brand new again! And the use of a low pressure ensures the shingles have no chance of being damaged. The worst mistake you could do is hire someone that will use a pressure washer on the roof — this will only cause more damage and a terrible look.

There’s a lot more to roof cleaning, such as controlling overspray and protecting nearby vegetation. Let us handle the nitty-gritty though!


Soft washing has exploded in popularity in the last few years, and for good reason. It’s safer, more effective, and more time-efficient, allowing us to pass the cost-savings down to our customers.

Soft-washing can make siding look brand new again, without an expensive paint job. Just like our roof cleaning service, our soft wash service utilizes very low-pressure. Instead, using the right concentration and type of solutions is the key to killing all algae, mold, and stains. Don’t pay thousands for repainting each wall when a simple soft wash can have the same effect at a fraction of the price.

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All concrete needs to be pressure washed at some point. Over time, concrete can become slimy and slippery, which could lead to falls — and the inevitable lawsuit.

Pressure washing obviously isn’t only for safety concerns. It simply makes your property stand out to potential tenants. It also allows you to justify higher rents, as you properly maintain the appearance of your property. People are willing to pay more in exchange.

We only pressure wash concrete and bricks — most other surfaces are better treated with our soft wash methods. The most common use of our pressure washing service for apartment complexes is parking lot and sidewalk cleanings. We use the best surface cleaners on the market to ensure that no lines are left behind.

Please keep in mind that cleaning all of the concrete will require all cars to be removed from the property. For that reason, most apartment complexes hire us to clean during the summer, while Auburn University students are away and parking lots are empty.


Clear gutters ensure that you don’t have to deal with insanely expensive foundation repairs. You’re taking a large risk if gutters are clogged or not flowing properly away from the building. To clean gutters 1-3 stories high, we either use ladders or suck up the debris using powerful vacuums and long poles.

Cleaning gutters 3+ stories high is another story. Most local gutter cleaning companies can’t handle those high gutters on your apartment complex buildings. At The Clear Difference, if ladders aren’t enough, we’ll find a way. We use bucket trucks whenever needed to reach those difficult to reach gutters.

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Soffits, Fascias, and Exterior Gutters

Soffits and fascias make a HUGE difference when professionally cleaned. No one sees the inside of the gutters after they are cleaned, but the soffitts and fascias are very noticeable when they are shining bright.

Soffits and fascias are notorious for being dirty and hard to reach. Our solution, after numerous hours of trial and error, has proven to be the best for making these parts of the buildings shine.

Anytime we clean soffits and fascia, we also go ahead and clean the exterior of the gutters, which typically goes uncleaned and filled with nasty black streaks (AKA tiger stripes… pretty fitting name for Auburn!). We call this our “gutter brightening” service.

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