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The Best Value Roof Cleaning in Auburn & Opelika, AL

Besides your house as a whole, your roof may be the largest investment that you own. Properly maintaining your roof means keeping all algae/moss off to ensure there are no potential leaks. Aside from the value in extending the life of your roof, a clean roof drastically improves the curb appeal of your home or business.

The Clear Difference, Auburn & Opelika’s exterior cleaners, is the leader in low-pressure roof cleanings. Don’t let an inexperienced company or contractor use a pressure washer on your roof. Too much pressure will cause damage to the shingles, leave unsightly streaks, and decrease the life of your roof. Plus, pressure washing a roof is flat out dangerous.

How Our Roof Cleaning Process Works

A proper roof cleaning takes time. After briefly talking with the customer, we start with wetting all of your nearby plants. Don’t allow an exterior cleaner to spray their solutions all over your house and roof without making sure all nearby plants are wet to ensure no potential damage occurs.

Next, we bag all of your gutters that could potentially lead to vegetation damage. If your gutters pour out near plants, rest assured we will bag them to contain all of the solution’s runoff.

Then, we get up on a ladder and spray a thin coat of our solution on your roof. We can spray our solution about 40 feet, allowing us to reach 95% of roofs without walking on your roof at all. Our solution is a mix of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), water, and a surfactant (soap). Roofs are much harder to clean than houses, so our solution is a bit stronger than normal. As a result, we take extra precaution with your landscape AND our safety.

After letting the solution dwell on the roof for 10-15 minutes, we determine whether another coat is needed and go over some of the trouble areas once again. Depending on the upcoming weather, we will either rinse your roof off or allow the upcoming rain to rinse the roof for us!

Lastly, we wet your plants once again and remove the bags from the gutters to properly dispose of our solution runoff.

Why The Clear Difference Is The Go-To Roof Cleaning Company in Auburn & Opelika

  • We’re locally owned and operated. We love Auburn & Opelika, and can’t imagine operating anywhere else.
  • We are customer focused. We’re driven by pleasing our customers and offering above-and-beyond service from start to finish.
  • We offer the best value roof cleaning. Ignore the $99 roof cleaning guy that will use too much pressure. Ignore the roofing contractor that insists that you need a new roof for $8,000, when a simple cleaning may be all that’s needed. Our roof cleanings typically fall within $500-$1,000, depending on the size and condition of your roof.

What To Look Out For When Hiring a Roof Cleaning Company

We won’t be offended if you choose to go with someone else for your roof cleaning. However, we feel obligated to warn you about the potential dangers of hiring an inexperienced roof cleaner. It’s very common for anyone with a pressure washer to offer to wash roofs, without knowing that too much pressure can tear shingles, cause leaks in your roof, and lead to unsightly streaks that are near impossible to get rid of.

There are a few great roof cleaning companies in Auburn, like Auburn House Wash, Sir Wash a Lot, and The Clear Difference. Stick with one of us, and you can’t go wrong with customer service and a proper exterior cleaning. Choose a cheaper company and you are risking your most valuable part of your house… your roof.

If you are out getting quotes, please ask the business their process for roof cleaning. If they don’t say low-pressure, then they don’t know what they are doing.

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Marshall Brown is the owner of The Clear Difference, an exterior cleaning company that services Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. His company specializes in window cleaning, low-pressure roof cleaning, house washing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation. He's an Auburn University graduate that simply didn't want to leave. He loves getting to know his customers and expanding his business.
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