Professional Roof Cleaning in Auburn, AL

The Basics of Roof Cleaning

Roofs play a vital role in the curbside appearance of your property. The good news? Roof discoloration and algae build up ARE NOT reasons to get a new roof. A new roof can easily cost $8k+, whereas a roof cleaning from The Clear Difference will be a small fraction of the price.

Roof cleaning in Auburn, AL has been a major focus of our company since our first day in business. We’ve invested thousands in the best equipment to effectively restore your roof, and we’d love to show you the difference that we can make in your curbside appeal. After hundreds of hours or research, experimentation, and designing our roof cleaning kit, we’re positive you’ll be SHOCKED by how clean your roof will come out.

Roof Cleaning Washing Shampoo Auburn Alabama

Scroll Through Some of Our Before & After Pictures in Auburn, AL

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What To Expect When You Hire The Clear Difference:

  • Two professional men showing up when agreed upon: one for spraying your home, one for spraying the vegetation and helping guide the hoses.
  • Bagged gutters to control overspray
  • Roughly 2-3 hours on site, depending on the roof’s size and difficulty
  • Above and beyond service!
  • Typically ranges in price from $400-$1,000

A Breakdown of Our Roof Cleaning Process in Auburn, AL

We clean roofs using LOW-PRESSURE, with a heavier emphasis on chemicals/solutions. Most companies won’t tell you what they are using, as if that’s what is keeping people from starting a competing company. We’ll tell you: we (and every other roof cleaning company) use sodium hypochlorite, which is simply bleach. Bleach is incredible at removing stains/algae/mildew/moss/etc, but it can be dangerous to you and your property. That’s why we take the utmost care while cleaning roofs. A large focus of our job is to control & limit our chemical run-off and protect your plants & landscape by keeping them wet throughout the cleaning. This will mitigate the potential damaging effects of bleach.

Here’s a rough breakout of our roof cleaning process:

  1. We wet all surrounding green areas (grass & plants). This is to ensure that we do not damage any of your landscaping or gardening.
  2. We attach “gutter bags” to catch runoff. We securely attach sturdy bags onto all gutters that spill into areas that would be negatively affected by our solutions.
  3. We access your roof via our ladders. We try to stay standing on ladders throughout the job, but will walk on your roof depending on the slope and difficulty of the job.
  4. We lightly spray our mix onto your roof. We use our roof cleaning system to place a thin layer of our roof cleaning mix onto every inch of your roof. We use a mix of water, bleach, and a surfactant to keep the mix onto the roof long enough to kill all organic matter. This mix safely lifts all organic matter off of the roof, to eventually be washed away.
  5. We wait. We give the mix enough time to work its magic.
  6. We repeat, if necessary. Trouble areas can sometimes require 2 or 3 treatments.
  7. We rinse the roof, or let mother nature complete the job. Depending on the upcoming weather forecast, we will typically spend the time to rinse your roof clean of all solutions. If a big rain is coming, however, we will allow mother nature to complete the job, as the rain does a better job at rinsing than any roof cleaner ever could.
  8. We wet all surrounding green areas (grass & plants). Just like how we started, we complete our job by rinsing off all grass and plants, to make sure one last time that they will not be effected by our solutions.
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