Christmas Light Installation in Auburn, AL

Christmas Lights: What Sets The Clear Difference Apart

I answer the phone, show up on time, do what I say I’m going to do, and stand by my work.

All lights are commercial grade LED C9 lights, custom fit to your home. These are not lights that you can purchase at Home Depot or Lowes.

This service is an all inclusive service, meaning the price includes:

  • Design: I’ll provide you a custom design of the front of your house with color coded areas where I would recommend lights. You can pick and choose which ones you’d like!
  • Installation: Your lights will be professionally installed with custom-fit, commercial LED C9 lights and enclosed clips. Includes timers and extension chords.
  • Take Down: Our price includes take down of your lights in January. Typically, we can take down your lights quickly & safely from the ground.
  • Maintenance: If a light goes out or a chord gets chewed on, we will fix them free of charge.
  • Storage: We will store your lights year round, so you don’t have to crawl in your attic each year. Also, it means we can install your lights next year without any effort from you.
  • Service Calls: If a light goes out, we will come by and replace it as quickly as possible (normally within 24 hours).
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What to Expect

Quoting: After you fill out the quote request form, I’ll grab a picture of your house from Google/Zillow/GPS (typically). I’ll send you a picture of the front of your house with color-coded lines (with prices) to show you where I would recommend installing lights and wreaths.

Colors: You have the option of choosing any combination of warm white, pure white, red, green, and blue. Warm white is the most popular option, but we also love alternating pure white and red!

Scheduling: If you decide to work with me, I’ll add you to our earliest availability with a scheduled date. Once the installation date comes, I’ll send you a message when I’m headed your way.

Completing the Job: You do not have to be home for us to complete our installation. The average Christmas light installation job takes around 2 hours.

Your job will be completed using a combination of ladders (with stabilizers to protect your house) and roof walking. We utilize every safety tool on the market, such as the GOAT Steep Assist and Ridge Pro. If your roof is steep, we will be harnessed up.

We use ONLY enclosed clips. That mean’s that when we take down your lights, no clip will be left behind on your roof or in your gutters.

Storage & Maintenance: Our price includes storing and maintaining the lights. No more messing around with boxes in the attic! If a light breaks or a chord gets chewed up by animals, we will handle it at no additional cost.

Take Down: We take down lights starting in early January. The lights that we installed first get taken down first, unless we have any special requests. When we take down your lights, we’d be happy to clean your gutters or install gutter guards while we are there.

For Future Years: We start installing lights on November 1st of each year, and we start with our earliest customers. After the initial install, there will be a 10% price reduction for future years.

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