Auburn, AL House Washing

(AKA “Soft Washing”)

Why We Soft Wash

Our exterior cleaning team proudly uses soft wash methods to clean your house. No, this is not an option – it’s a necessity! Soft washing your home is the only way to safely and efficiently clean your house without the risk of damaging it.

  • Safe: unlike high pressure from pressure washers, our soft wash methods use low pressure and a heavily focus on the right solution. Our method has NO CHANCE of damaging your house.
  • Effective: Our solution and our technique can make nearly any surface look new again!

With soft washing, the exterior of your house will shine. It will look beautiful. And best of all, it will retain that look for longer. How? Because our solution KILLS algae and mold — it doesn’t just cover it up like a painter would do.

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What to Expect When You Hire Us

When you hire The Clear Difference to wash your house, you can expect two professionally-dressed men to arrive on time and ready to get to work. One will be spraying the solution on your home, while the other will be rinsing and helping guide the hose.

You can expect us to go above and beyond when it comes to making your property shine. For example, if our hoses cause pine straw to be moved around, you can expect us to brush everything back into place. Other small actions, such as replacing your original hoses once we leave and bagging your gutters to contain all the runoff solution, are just a few things that we do to separate ourselves from the competition.

You can expect us to stay for roughly 2-3 hours if  house washing is the only service that you are receiving. Gutter cleaning adds roughly an hour, and exterior window cleaning adds roughly 1.5 hours. These are obviously generalizations.

Here is an important note when it comes to your windows: if you hire us to wash your home, some of our solution will inadvertently get on your windows. We will always wash the solution off with a hose at a minimum. However, spraying windows with a hose is NOT how we clean windows professionally. Therefore, we always recommend that you hire us to professionally clean your windows after your house wash. After all, we are already there with our dedicated window cleaning equipment!


As you might expect, the price depends on a number of different factors.

  • Larger homes will obviously require more solution and more time; therefore, higher prices.
  • If your house is extremely dirty (lots of mold, algae, and discoloration), we will have to apply multiple different layers of our solution and rinse multiple times. This will result in an increase in our time and our solution used; therefore, the price will be higher.
  • If you have extremely difficult spots to reach, it might require the use of ladders. We can shoot our algae-killing solution about 40 feet, but sometimes even that is not enough to reach difficult areas. The use of ladders increase our time and danger levels; therefore, the price will be higher.

We would love to meet you in person and give you a professional, free quote. Just give us a call at (334) 377-9966!

The Basics of House Washing

House washing is a very unique service. When most people hear “house washing”, they probably think of pressure washing the entire home. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Washing a house is all about the right solutions, the right technique, and (most importantly) low pressure.

Our house washing service starts with watering all of the nearby vegetation – as our solution mix could damage your plants. We also bag all of the gutters, allowing us to control the runoff and leave your property without any unexpected signs of  solutions.

Then, we simply apply a layer of our solution all over your house using our powerful pumps and long hoses. We cover all sides of your home, including your roof if you would like. All materials that shouldn’t come into contact with our solution are taped off beforehand. The solution will dwell and work it’s magic, killing all algae and eliminating nearly all signs of stains and discoloration. Then, we’ll simply rinse the solution off and repeat if necessary.

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