Reputable, Professional Gutter Cleaning in Auburn, AL

Gutter Cleaning Options

Finding a local gutter cleaner in Auburn, AL is not always an easy task. There are typically three options to choose from:

1) Hiring a young friend/neighbor/college student for cheap.

You might know an AU student that’s looking to make any extra buck or two with odd jobs. Gutter cleaning is a dangerous task, though, involving ladders and oftentimes safety gear, depending on the layout of your roof & gutters. If the worker were to fall off the ladder, you’d feel terrible and potentially be put in a bad financial situation if they were to put a claim on your homeowners policy.

2) Hiring a self-employed contractor. 

Auburn has lots of contractors to choose from that offer a wide variety of services. A better option from the cheap laborer, but most self employed contractors are simply hard to reach. They might not answer your calls. They might not have an open line of communication at all times. And they might not be the best at keeping you updated on when they will be coming, whether it be to give a quote or complete the job.

3) Hiring a dependable, reputable company.

At The Clear Difference, we try to be the most professional gutter cleaning company servicing Auburn, AL and Opelika, AL. We always answer the phone. We are always in our professional apparel. And we always go above and beyond when it comes to cleaning your gutters.

More importantly for you, we always communicate when we will be showing up, so that you don’t waste your entire day waiting for someone to arrive and complete the job.

What to Expect From Our Gutter Cleaning Service in Auburn, AL

Most of our services require two men to efficiently complete the job. With gutter cleaning, however, it depends on the layout of your roof and gutters. Oftentimes, we will have one professional worker complete the job, as long as no large ladders are needed. Larger and more difficult jobs will require two professional workers to be present.

Our General Process

We remove debris from gutters using a variety of methods, including ladders and strong vacuums to suck up the debris. Simpler jobs will allow us to safely prop a ladder up on your roof (using stabilizers to ensure we don’t damage your gutters) and remove the debris by hand. More difficult jobs result in the use of powerful vacuums and long poles to suck the debris up. Either way, you’ll be left without any debris on your property!

  • Estimated Time: Roughly 1.5-3 hours for an average home
  • Estimated Manpower: 1-2 professionally dressed men
  • Method: A combination of ladders, poles, and vacuums to safely remove and dispose of the debris.
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