Jun 22
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Our Gutter Protection vs LeafFilter vs LeafGuard

I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

I pride myself on offering high quality services, using high quality products, and providing the BEST customer service possible. I do that because I take pride in my work. The Clear Difference has a reputation to uphold in my community (Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin area).

LeafFilter and LeafGuard, on the other hand, have nothing to lose when they treat customers like crap and rip people off.

Product Comparison

LeafGuard sells a complete one-piece system. That means that, if you currently have gutters, they will be taking them down completely. Even if they work perfectly. Their system clogs up much FASTER and EASIER than people expect. Most are packed full of pinestraw, as not all debris falls off the curve like they tell you it will. When they need to be cleaned, they are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to clean. It’s a closed system, so you can’t clean them like other gutters with guards.

LeafFilter sells a micro-mesh gutter guard. That’s all they have. One product to fit all houses (hint: not all houses, areas, gutter styles, etc. are the same). It lays flat on the gutter, and the tight micromesh clogs up quickly with mold, requiring bleach and scrubbing to clean it. In big rains, the micromesh is too tight to collect all of the water, so you see large overflows, especially where two sections of roofs meet in a valley.

The Clear Difference installs Bulldog Gutter Guards and LeafBlaster Pro Micro-Mesh gutter guards. Bulldog is the best value option, and it keeps out all debris except roof grit and pine straw. LeafBlasterPro is our premium option, as the micro-mesh keeps out all types of debris. Neither product, when installed correctly, has overflow in large rain storms.

Customer Service

Neither LeafGuard nor LeafFilter will stand by their lifetime warranties. Just do a quick google search for both products and you’ll find very quickly that you’ll be saving yourself from a scam by avoiding these two brands.

Their goal is to sell the product at the highest price and never hear from you (or never answer your calls) again. It happens all of the time. They aren’t based out of Auburn, Opelika, and the Lake Martin area. They can screw people over without a care in the world – and they do just that.

At The Clear Difference, you can call me (Marshall Brown), the guy actually writing this post, anytime you need me. My number is 334-377-9966. I stand by the warranties of my products (25 year clog-free warranty for Bulldog, 40 years for LeafBlaster Pro), and I’ll come out and fix things that need to be fixed. Keep in mind that I take the time to do the job right the first time, as opposed to hoping you don’t notice something. And I’m not perfect, but I fix my mistakes when I make any.


Both LeafGuard and LeafFilter rip people off and take advantage of people when they can. They are typically around $25-50 per linear foot, but I’ve heard ridiculous quotes of $20,000+ from both brands on average sized homes. They start off SUPER high, hoping that you don’t try to negotiate. However, if you do negotiate, you will still end up overpaying for what you are actually getting. There is no question about it.

Ask every single legitimate gutter installer or gutter cleaner and see what they think. They have all heard the stories and seen angry customers from both companies, angry that they spent that much on a product that doesn’t work as expected.

At The Clear Difference, I install Bulldog Gutter Guards for $8-10 per linear foot. I install LeafBlaster Pro for $12-15 per linear foot. That prices includes cleaning the gutters, flushing the gutters/downspouts, doing small repairs, and installing the guards.

Check out the following link if you’d like to read more about my gutter cover installation based out of Auburn, AL. And here’s some more information about Bulldog Gutter Guards (my better value option) and LeafBlaster Pro (my premium, stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guard option).

About The Author

Marshall Brown is the owner of The Clear Difference, an exterior cleaning company that services Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. His company specializes in window cleaning, low-pressure roof cleaning, house washing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation. He's an Auburn University graduate that simply didn't want to leave. He loves getting to know his customers and expanding his business.
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