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Storefront Window Cleaning in Auburn & Opelika, Alabama

If you own a business in Auburn or Opelika, you know just how important the customer’s first impression is. If they notice dirt, grime, and old tape residue all over your windows, they won’t have a great impression of your business as a whole. After all, your windows are often times the first thing that customers look at! The number of businesses in TigerTown and on College St. with dirty windows SHOCKS me every time.

Our storefront window cleaning service isn’t just a window cleaning service — that’s an important distinction to make. We clean practically everything at the front of your business, not just the glass. We clean the windows, frames, sills, ledges, etc. And, unlike nearly every company, we can safely remove tape residue… no scrapers or blades necessary.



Sure you can. Problem is: cleaning windows is more expensive and difficult than you think.

For one, many of your windows will be hard to reach. This brings either ladders or long poles into play. Do you want to risk going up on a ladder to clean your windows? Probably not. Worse yet, would you want an employee to? Heck no – that’s a recipe for disaster. One fall or one accident with a customer and you could get sued and forced right out of business. What about poles? That should be a cheaper option right? Ha, wrong. Poles are incredibly difficult to use, requiring hours and hours of practice to truly learn to use correctly. You’ll probably end up hiring a window cleaning company after your employees attempt to pole clean a window.

Even if your windows are easy to reach, it’s still way more difficult to clean windows than you think. Windex and towels won’t cut it. Plus, you don’t want to expose your interior windows to the chemicals in windex. Unlike your employees, we’ve spent hundreds of hours learning from our mistakes and perfecting our craft. Your employees will not be equipped with the correct equipment, and a lackluster job is inefficient and is simply taking them away from what you originally hired them to do. Plus, your employees will be much happier and more efficient if you outsource the window cleaning. The cost of the storefront window cleaning is far less than the decrease in employee morale if they have to do it themselves.



Our pricing is competitive, but not cheap. Let’s be real for a second: if you are looking for the cheapest guys in Auburn or Opelika, we will gladly give you their numbers. We’re a premium service. If your windows haven’t been cleaned in years and are full of old tape residue, we have to factor these things into our pricing.

So, the pricing depends on the condition, quantity, and how difficult your windows are to reach. If you want a rough number, our pricing for small storefronts start at $30 for exterior only, but can go upwards of $200 for large commercial storefronts.



Just so you know what to expect, here is how we generally clean storefronts:

  1. We always come and say hello to the person in charge, just so they know we are there.
  2. We start with the exterior windows. We wipe down the frames/sills before we even touch the windows. That way, all of the dirt and grime from these areas won’t find its way on already cleaned windows.
  3. Then, we lather on a layer or soapy water, removing all fingerprints, dirt, and grime.
  4. Next, we look for trouble areas – old tape residue, dried on paint, bird poop, etc. We use a more abrasive material (but one that can NOT scratch your windows) to remove these. We only use a scraper when truly necessary, which is very rare. If you have tinted windows, we simply use lots of elbow grease and a cotton towel.
  5. Then we lather on one last layer of soapy water and squeegee it dry.
  6. If we are also cleaning the insides (up to you), we’ll make our way inside and safely push back everything necessary to reach the interior panes. Depending on the situation, we will repeat the steps from the exterior cleanings or use our indoor window cleaning system. The kit simply uses poles, microfiber scrubbing pads, and our special indoor solution that dries streak-free. Again, we make sure all panes, frames, and sills are cleaned, not just the glass itself.
  7. We review all panes and touch up any necessary areas.
  8. We collect payment & give you a receipt. The Clear Difference accepts all types of payments: cash, check, credit card, etc.
  9. Lastly, we schedule your next cleaning, we thank you for your business, and we’re on our way!

About The Author

Marshall Brown is the owner of The Clear Difference, an exterior cleaning company that services Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. His company specializes in window cleaning, low-pressure roof cleaning, house washing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation. He's an Auburn University graduate that simply didn't want to leave. He loves getting to know his customers and expanding his business.
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