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How We Are Different

We do it right. We use ladders and our hands. Most “gutter cleaning companies” don’t do it right. Some companies use blowers to remove debris, which is messy and dangerous while on a ladder or roof. Other companies use pressure washers, which is messy and can remove or damage your shingles. Other companies use vacuums, which simply don’t work and won’t allows the company to truly be sure they completed the job.

We flush gutters and downspouts. Most companies will remove debris, collect their money, and leave. How in the world would they know that your gutters are functioning properly? They won’t. Flushing gutters ensures all debris is removed and that there are no clogs in the downspouts. If there are clogs, we remove them free of charge. It’s the right thing to do. We wouldn’t feel right charging you extra for something that should be included in the gutter cleaning process.

We are professional & customer oriented. Ever heard of a gutter cleaning company in Auburn, AL that is professional, timely, and actually answers the dang phone? Well, now you have. We know your time is important to you. You don’t have time to wait around and wonder if a gutter cleaning business is going to show up for a quote or complete the job at all.

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Why Ladders Are Necessary, But Safe

When looking for a gutter cleaning service in Auburn, you’ll find that many companies don’t use ladders, for whatever reason.

Let me tell you from experience: ladders are necessary. To properly clean gutters, getting on ladders and removing the debris is the only way to do it cleanly and correctly. Flushing gutters and testing for clogs also require getting level with the gutter, as those can’t be done correctly from the ground.

When used correctly, ladders are safe for the contractor and for your property. At the Clear Difference, we ALWAYS use ladder stabilizers to maintain distance from your gutters. This ensures that our ladders never touch your gutters, which could very easily damage them. We also use ladder levelers to allow us to safely use ladders on slopes.

A Quick Comparison

The Clear Difference

Licensed & Correctly Insured

We have business licenses in Auburn & Opelika. We also have a general liability insurance policy, which can’t be said for most “gutter cleaners”.

Easy to Schedule & Easy to Reach

Use our online booking tool or just call us to schedule a quote – whichever one is easier for you. We’ll answer the phone every time.

Open Line of Communication

We strive to have an open line of communication from start to finish. We send text messages when we are on the way, with an ETA to make your life easier. No one has time to wait around for a contractor to MAYBE show up from noon to 4pm.

Our Competition

Not Licensed and/or Not Insured

Most gutter cleaning companies cut corners when it comes to proper licenses and insurance. That could be a costly mistake if something were to go wrong.

Nearly Impossible to Reach

Good luck finding a gutter cleaner that always answers their phone. Here you are trying to give them business, and they can’t even answer the phone.

Not Timely 

If you do find a gutter cleaner, you probably won’t know when (or if) they will be coming at all. You mind find yourself sitting around for hours, wasting your valuable time.

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What can we say? We are passionate about cleaning gutters and talking about cleaning gutters.

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