Jun 15

Why You Should Get Your Windows Professionally Cleaned

“Is it worth getting the windows at my home cleaned?” That’s a question that I’ve asked myself a total of zero times before I started this business. However, that’s probably because I live in an apartment.

On a more serious note, there are tons of benefits of getting your windows cleaned. Let’s cover the 5 most important reasons that you should get your windows professionally cleaned, shall we?


1) It makes you feel good.

A double blind study done by The Clear Difference shows that when you close both of your eyes, you don’t get any light! And no light = dark. And dark = sadness. And sadness = you eat a lot of junk food and binge watch every season of the The Office for the seventh time.

Again, on a more serious note, clean windows allow much more natural light to come into your home. More natural light boosts Vitamin D, wards off depression, improves your sleep, and can better reduce stress than fluorescent lighting can.

This list of benefits goes on and on, just like your mother in law talking about how she read last Wednesday in the Auburn/Opelika Times that it’s not safe to eat more than 2 oz of tuna per day.

Some of the other benefits? More natural light saves you money on electricity, is better for indoor plants, and it could help you lose weight. That’s right, no need to diet… just call us and get your windows cleaned. Natural light increases serotonin in your body, which suppresses your appetite without gobbling down 7 different pills that all start with the letter “L” for some reason.


2) It improves the curb appeal & value of your home.

Whether you are getting ready to have some friends over or getting ready to sell your home, a professional window cleaner can make your home much more inviting and valuable. Sure, our cleaning might set you back $250, but that jerk Chad that you didn’t really want to come over will have one less thing to complain about. And if you are selling your home in Auburn or Opelika, our cleaning could easily add thousands of dollars of value to your home in the eyes of the buyers.

Imagine showing your guests or potential buyers your (normally beautiful) home. You have great views, but they can’t help but focus on the streaks, dirt, and mildew. A good window cleaning will make your windows look new again, giving the visitors a much better perception of your home. Plus, according to Money Magazine, clean windows is the best pre-sale improvement, as it’s the biggest return on your investment that you can make. Even if you don’t plan on selling anytime soon, surely you care about your curb appeal, right? Otherwise, your “super-mom” neighbor is going to beat you yet again. Let’s show Lisa who’s boss!


3) It protects your (expensive) investment.

I’ve never had to buy new windows thankfully, but I’ve heard from a friend’s friend’s friend that they are crazy expensive. Do you protect your car? Probably so: you keep it in the garage, give it regular oil changes, and named it something weird that your wife finds really strange. Do you protect your financial investments? Yep, you’ve got a great password that you only forget once or twice a year, you might use a broker, and you check up on how they are doing every so often. Why any different for your windows?

If you go too long without cleaning your windows, dirt, grime, and hard minerals (like calcium and magnesium) will build up. If not cleaned within a reasonable period of time, they can hurt the finish, causing irreversible damage. These minerals can begin to corrode your window and your window frames, causing them to lose their shine. Yes, common household cleaners like Windex can remove some of the dirt and bird poop, but only a professional window cleaning company like The Clear Difference can make your windows look new again.


4) Cleaning Windows is Hard & Time Consuming

I’ll be the first to tell you: cleaning window’s isn’t easy. When I first started this business, I had no idea how much there was to learn. There are so many different topics that window cleaners should be familiar with before they should consider themselves “professional”. Topics include: the water purification process, which fabrics and bristles damage tinted windows, how to get off heavy duty staining, how to clean windows in direct sunlight, how to clean windows indoors without any drips, which solutions are best, which solutions are dangerous, how to leave windows streakless, etc. The list truly could go on forever.

Plus, cleaning windows takes time… and lots of it! Most people are living a busy life, with no extra time to clean their windows — especially those second story exterior windows. So you do your job, and we’ll do ours!


5) Cleaning Windows is Dangerous

Cleaning windows isn’t just hard… it can also be crazy dangerous. When I first decided to start this business in Auburn, Alabama, my dad told me about his old friend. He was the most popular, most skilled laborer in his town, but he slipped off a ladder and died instantly. I thought to myself: “Yeah, but I’ll just be safe-r.” No, that’s not how it works. Accidents happen, even to the best of ’em.

For that reason, we would never recommend a homeowner use a ladder to clean windows. Heck, we hardly ever use a ladder at all, and we take serious precautions if we do. Instead, we use what’s called a water-fed pole if possible, which can reach up to 60 feet without the need for a ladder. Plus, it doesn’t require squeegeeing, as the purified water just dries streak-free naturally. That makes my job 100x safer, and it also limits potential damage to your property from ladder usage.


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Marshall Brown is the owner of The Clear Difference, an exterior cleaning company that services Auburn and Opelika, Alabama. His company specializes in window cleaning, low-pressure roof cleaning, house washing, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation. He's an Auburn University graduate that simply didn't want to leave. He loves getting to know his customers and expanding his business.
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